Monday, April 2, 2012

Overheard in World History

For third period this year, I have Modern World history with Ms. Vasquez. This being a required class for all sophomores, the room is filled with a diversity of different people, at all academic levels. There are many very outspoken students in my class, and we often become engaged in a range of different discussions. Even so, I couldn't help but find it funny when certain comments have been said in there. For a while I have been writing down some of the best ones, and well... I'll just let you decide what to think of them:

Overheard in World History:

Who was the president of WWI

It ain't gone get did

(after seeing Simon Bolivar)
He look like a monkey

(Looking at post-WWI art)
I see a pigeon-man. 
   Pigeon is spelled p-i-d-g-o-n.
I know how to spell it. How do you spell skull?
Social realism is the real of the social stuffs

Y'all give me such works

What is short for stuff?

The Allies (in WWII) was Germany, Italy, and France 

Is Kennedy still alive

Didn't the Americans like get to space first though.

What's a torpedo 

What is US platoon

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