Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something has been been bugging me for a while. You see, I believe in the importance of words. I have a appreciation for the written and oratorical arts, as hopefully my readers do too. With that in mind I get very frustrated by the lack of verbal skills in a school like pv. What bugs me though, above the huge grammatical errors, is the overuse of words. Words like "love."
Originally love was supposed to mean overwhelming appreciation for something or someone. To say that you loved something was to express absolute joy because of it. The problem is people overuse that word, and it has begun to lose it's value. I'm not talking about couples who say they love eachother after about two weeks, because that has always happened. My problem is when friends who only slightly know eachother say that they love one another. It devalues a once strong word. Now, what used to mean amazing now means good.
On that note, the word friend has been devalued as well. With websites like facebook, we are encouraged to list everyone we know as a friend. Personally, I don't consider everyone that I'm aquainted with as a friend. A friend is supposed to be someone you know well and feel comfortable around. Now it means someone you sit near in second period. Maybe I'm going on about nothing, but I just feel that if words are overused as much they are now, then how can they be expected to mean anything.

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  1. Interesting. I agree, but that makes me a hypocrite, since i feel as though i do over use such words as "love". I think when someone says they "love" someone, it is actually something along the lines of "i like how he/she looks and/or how they act" I know i like someone because of their looks, and the fact they are sarcastic, funny, and slightly dark (humor wise), though this same person does tend to have a SLIGHTLY negative outlook on the way her life is going (at least i heard her mention that). O.K. , thats the end of THAT rant!